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Customised urban mobility

Are you thinking of the many commuters, pupils, students, employees, employers and local residents who can’t find a parking space and are under time pressure? We are ready to jointly address the issue and get things going in the right direction.

Our bike parking system for urban mobility in public and private spaces meets the challenges with custom solutions. No other product on the market focuses so resolutely on the needs of the various target groups and combines safety, comfort and design in such a limited space.

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Public transport, train, bus and underground

Time to change!

Railway stations, bus stops and underground stations are important traffic junctions. Every day, many commuters and public transportation users move around at these locations and change their means of transportation several times on their way to work or leisure activities. You know that changing means of transportation is a fluid process and you do not want to interrupt this flow? We supply you with a product that makes it even easier to change from a bicycle to a bus or train and vice versa.

V-Locker is as flexible as the commuters themselves
Small systems for decentralized locations near larger train stations have a capacity for 6 to 20 bikes. Large systems can be built as needed and safely enclose 120 to 800 bicycles. All systems can be moved to a new location at any time without great effort, and the efficient conveying capacity prevents waiting times, even with large commuter volumes. What’s more, the boxes integrated in the lift not only offer space for the bike, but also for luggage, helmets and protective clothing.

City centres, shopping districts and pedestrian zones

Please park your bike!

The city centre, shopping street, farmer’s market and pedestrian zone invite you to take a stroll. Are proposals for attractive location promotion with ways to bypass pedestrian zones and green city centres on your agenda? Then let’s work together to get the people there. Cycling is the perfect alternative to get to the city centre quickly without traffic jams, and with us, it becomes even more attractive.

V-Locker is multifunctional
In the city centre, space for rolling and stationary traffic is becoming increasingly scarce. High-density building on the one hand and traffic-free zones on the other hand, start a race for the much sought-after free spaces. The smart bicycle parking system offers a safe storage space right in the city centre. The V-Locker can also be used as a locker in which shopping bags can be easily stored. This makes shopping trips even more fun.

Schools and universities

Keep expanding!

Educational institutions, such as schools and universities, must provide a place for a large number of bicycles every day. As an environmentally friendly, inexpensive and efficient means of transport, the bicycle is the number one choice for many pupils and students. Are you dealing with this topic, because the infrastructure is reaching its limits and there is no room for the number of bicycles to increase any further? We have the solution so that students, staff and lecturers can conveniently line up their bicycles.

V-Locker provides long-term protection
Statistics show that bicycles are regularly damaged or stolen on unguarded premises. This does not only concern lovingly restored retro bikes, but also expensive e-bikes. The latter are becoming more and more popular because they can cover twice the distance effortlessly and in a climate-friendly way. The V-Locker protects all types of valuable bikes and thus also contributes to sustainable mobility.

Housing estates, large housing developments and modern lifestyle offers

Exceed expectations!

Underground bike shelters are usually included in real estate construction projects, but many people park their bikes in front of the building, in the narrow entrance area or in the niche below the staircase for reasons of convenience. You don’t know what to do because you don’t want to hang up a new notice, with the house rules, on the door every week? We have the alternative, that neither violates the fire protection regulations nor becomes a tripping hazard.

The V-Locker saves money
Space is limited and expensive. Every square metre must be calculated precisely. In the process of urban densification, the number of urban housing estates is being increased. This requires additional parking facilities for bicycles. The V-Locker exceeds all expectations, not only in terms of capacity, but also in terms of price. Systems built in the building construction sector cost considerably less than those sunk into the ground, and up to 60 bikes can be stored in the area of a single car parking space. Design and size are adapted to the existing housing development or are developed for new builds.

Companies, real estate companies and bike sharing providers

Please get on board!

Providing fresh fruit, relaxation courses or cycling to work are components of many health programmes in companies. Does that sound like a wellness holiday to you and not like work? We will be glad to convince you otherwise. The contribution to health promotion pays off for both sides: Employees feel valued, are more productive and motivated.

The V-Locker makes you mobile
In Switzerland, hundreds of private companies and public institutions are already promoting the use of bicycles on the way to work under the title “Mobility Management in Companies”. With a V-Locker, you can remove inhibitions and motivate employees to switch to an environmentally friendly means of transportation. The attractive system can be conveniently operated via app or via internal access systems. Car parking spaces are being converted in a sensible way and there is order and security on the company premises.

You know that you must provide answers to the current challenges and you want to make a statement with our system?

Act now.