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E-bikes parked in towers

A pilot system is planned at the SBB station of Münchenbuchsee. The increasing number of bicycles at intersections calls for new solutions to park them safely and quickly, in the smallest amount of space possible, in urban areas. The innovative, young company V-Locker offers vertical, automatic, digital bicycle towers for this purpose. SBB will test […]


More than just green reasons

Cycling is healthy, affordable and green. The bicycle is becoming increasingly popular, not only in leisure time but also in rush hour traffic and for many people, it is already the means of transportation of choice. According to the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) in Berlin, the promotion of bicycle traffic has great potential […]


Bike & Ride Campaign in Germany

Germany supports the establishment and expansion of bicycle parking facilities at railway stations. An exemplary initiative of the federal government and the German Rail (DB) and a chance for V-Locker. The situation is also coming to a head at railway stations abroad and the lack of bicycle parking spaces is becoming increasingly apparent. The German […]