Cooperation and investment - V-Locker AG

Cooperation and investment

Urban mobility and lifestyle in the future smart cities are changing faster than ever. An innovative group of companies under Beat Odinga had been tackling this topic for some time. It is obvious that there are many synergies with V-Locker AG. At the beginning of the year, we were able to decide on a comprehensive cooperation, which leads to a larger participation and a significant investment in our young company.

This investment is made by the company Odinga Ventures AG, which is owned by the family-owned Odinga Holding. Mr. Beat Odinga is an entrepreneur and visionary. For many years, he has been involved as an investor as well as a project developer of urban areas by shaping urban space into a destination with a strong identity and charisma and thus enabling an innovative, entrepreneurial and forward-looking contribution to urban development. His participation enables us to build up a network of competencies in the fields of urbanity and urban planning and thus, through the innovative spirit of Beat Odinga, to contribute significantly to the further development of V-Locker AG.  

This cooperation of two innovative and visionary partners means that we can not only offer our products for sale to our customers, the municipalities, cities and real estate companies, etc., but also take over the entire financing and operation. We thus make it possible to offer the infrastructure for safe, efficient and digitized parking to the increasing number of e-bikes and bicycles as a service and thus relieve the burden on public administrations.