DESIGNA and V-LOCKER launch sales partnership for innovative bicycle parking facilities in Germany - V-Locker AG

DESIGNA and V-LOCKER launch sales partnership for innovative bicycle parking facilities in Germany

Dübendorf, June 19, 2024 – V-Locker AG is pleased to announce the new distribution partnership with Designa Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH, based in Kiel, Germany. In a first phase, Designa will take over the distribution of the innovative V-Locker bicycle parking facilities in Germany and introduce them in its established market segments.

The sales cooperation

Designa and V-Locker offer joint solutions to cities, airports, shopping malls and other institutions by pooling their expertise and resources. With interesting operating models for management, they support their customers in overcoming the challenges of urban traffic and new market opportunities are created through digitally networked mobility offers.

“We are very pleased to be working with V-Locker,” says Florian Leiber, CTO of Designa. “The V-Locker bicycle parking facilities perfectly complement our existing offering and offer our customers an innovative solution to the growing need for safe and efficient bicycle parking facilities.”

V-Locker CEO, Jens Kirchhoff, adds: “With Designa, we have a strong partner at our side who has extensive experience in the sale of parking management systems. The partnership will open up new customer segments for us and strengthen our position as a market-leading provider of safe and intelligent bicycle infrastructure solutions.”

About Designa Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH

Designa, headquartered in Kiel, Germany, is a global leader in parking management solutions. For over 70 years, Designa has been developing and selling state-of-the-art systems for controlling and monitoring parking spaces. Designa’s smart technology and easy-to-use solutions set industry standards, providing cities, airports, shopping malls and other large facilities with efficient and reliable parking solutions.

About V-Locker

As a leading manufacturer, V-Locker AG is striving to become the innovation leader in the business field of automatic bicycle parking infrastructure. The modular design for systems of 6-1,000 bicycles and the space-saving space requirement as well as the short construction time are unique in the market. The safe and convenient parking boxes, which can be operated via app, offer a new service for cyclists and a digital dashboard with remote access makes operation easier for operators.


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