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Green facades for an ecological and modern bicycle parking infrastructure

For the first time, a part of a V-Locker tower was vertically greened. At our test facility in Dübendorf, we have optimal conditions to carry out a test under less than optimal conditions. The tower stands in a courtyard with practically no sunlight in the winter months.

The façade greening is remotely monitored with an irrigation system, cools the environment and provides shade. The effect that green facades have on an ecological and contemporary infrastructure in urban environments is undisputed. V-Locker & Skygardens – combine two clever systems. With a façade greening of Skygardens, they also promote biodiversity and support the reduction of temperatures in cities. Individual façade elements or entire systems can be greened. Around 30-40 plants are planted per square meter, these are carefully selected depending on the location and weather conditions and planted according to a selected planting plan. In addition, the plants have been proven to protect against vandalism, especially graffiti. A planting plan of the façade is created individually and varies depending on the location or, of course, shade / sun position.

Greening can also be done with creepers (see illustrations below), which green a tower through natural growth.

We are curious to see how the greening at the test facility will survive the winter and hope to be able to realize a customer project with greening soon.

The test facility in Dübendorf can be visited. We are happy to show you the possibilities.
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