Locations & prices

Bicycle parking at fair prices

So that you no longer have to search for your bike in the chaos around train stations or in public places, we are building a network of climate-friendly bicycle parking spaces at fair prices. We want to be where you move. Tell us why you have already changed and where a solution is urgently needed in terms of bicycle parking.

V-Locker locations
SwitzerlandstatusCHF / hourCHF / 220 parking hours
8302 Kloten trainstationoperating0.35CHF 35.00
8600 Stettbach trainstationoperating0.35CHF 35.00
3053 Münchenbuchsee trainstationoperating0.35CHF 35.00
GermanystatusEUR / hourCHF / 220 parking hours
06108 Halle (Saale) trainstationoparating0.25EUR 25.00

Future locations

Where do you want a V-Locker?

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