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Locations & prices

Bicycle parking at fair prices

So that you no longer have to search for your bike in the chaos around train stations or in public places, we are building a network of climate-friendly bicycle parking spaces at fair prices. We want to be where you move. Tell us why you have already changed and where a solution is urgently needed in terms of bicycle parking.

V-Locker locations
SwitzerlandstatusCHF / hourCHF / 220 parking hours
8302 Kloten train stationoperating0.5014.95
8600 Stettbach train stationoperating0.5014.95
3053 Münchenbuchsee train stationoperating0.5014.95
8706 Meilen train stationoperating0.5014.95
8304 Wallisellen train stationoperating0.5014.95
2540 Grenchen SBB train stationstart operating june 20240.5014.95
06108 Halle (Saale) train stationoperating
75417 Mühlacker, train stationoperating
53225 Bonn, Beuel, train stationoperating
53225 Bonn, Frankenbadoperating
53225 Bonn, Stiftsplatzoperating
53225 Bonn, Konrad-Adenauer-Platzoperating
34613 Schwalmstadt, train stationoperating

Where do you want a V-Locker?

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