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More than just green reasons

Cycling is healthy, affordable and green. The bicycle is becoming increasingly popular, not only in leisure time but also in rush hour traffic and for many people, it is already the means of transportation of choice.

According to the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) in Berlin, the promotion of bicycle traffic has great potential at a comparatively low cost. The call for more cycle paths is also a much-discussed topic in Switzerland. The vote in September 2018 made it clear that the population wants a better cycle path infrastructure. Politicians, urban and transport planners are now taking action to give urban mobility sufficient space, also in terms of cycle paths and bicycle parking spaces. Less congestion, health promotion through exercise and lower CO2 emissions should be in everyone’s interest. And if the solution to counteract the bicycle chaos can be implemented as easily and attractively as the V-Locker can be, there are actually more than green reasons to let the bicycle take the lead.