Rollout pilot system for Maagtechnic.

The first pilot system will be installed in the inner courtyard of the Maagtechnic building.

Maagtechnic AG, as a partner of V-Locker AG, will soon commission the pilot system with 6 bicycle boxes in the courtyard of the building in Dübendorf. The second evolutionary stage will be tested in everyday operation and used for demonstration purposes. The V-Locker bike tower is modular, mobile, space-saving, cost-effective and can be placed one next to the other and is therefore the alternative to expensive and underground facilities that are not environmentally friendly.
The big advantage over other solutions: The modular system can hold up to 60 e-bikes and bicycles in a single parking spot. A bicycle can be stored safely, quickly and conveniently in a closed box and accessories such as a rain gear, helmet, shopping bag or other items in a storage compartment.