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Smart Park Grid

Currently, a big change is taking place. But so that no one has to look for their bike in the chaos around train stations and in public places and everyone can protect their bike from vandalism, a modern infrastructure is needed. Like us humans, the V-Locker only unfolds its full potential when it networks with others. That’s why we need you to set up a network of bicycle parking spaces together. We offer your community the opportunity to lead the way as a lighthouse and become part of the Bike Smartpark Grid in the Zurich region. Safe, space-saving parking spaces in a central location for bicycles, e-bikes and bicycle equipment such as helmet, rain cover and bags make it easier to switch from cars to bicycles. Commuting from A to B and C becomes easier the more V-Locker towers connect town centres. In addition, urban mobility is becoming even more carefree because an innovative bicycle infrastructure reduces CO2 emissions in communities.

Our offer

  • We finance and implement a bicycle parking tower for the safe and comfortable parking of bicycles and e-bikes in your community.
  • We ensure the operation of the plant and take care of the maintenance work.
  • We are establishing a new infrastructure as the basis for service and mobility hubs.

Contribution of your community

  • Your community  provides us with a stand in a well-frequented location (e.g. train station, city centre) or supports an agreement with the landowners.
  • Your community accompanies the on-site preparation with building permit, foundation and connection.

Find out in conversation with René Huber, Mayor of Kloten, why cities need innovative mobility concepts.