The world's first urban network in Bonn. - V-Locker AG

The world’s first urban network in Bonn.

In Bonn, the world’s first municipal network with automatic bicycle parking facilities was created. The project of Stadtwerke Bonn and V-Locker has been in operation since March 2024.

The network solution – Secure, convenient and intelligent parking facilities at central nodes. Bookable and operable via app, integrated into mobility platforms. 

The mobility hub solution – A transfer point is not yet a mobility hub. Attractive mobility solutions and services are in demand to encourage cyclists to change at central locations.

Space efficiency – A high density of the building area is unavoidable today. V-Locker compacts the parking space for bicycles like no other system.

The fast, modular design – assembly and dismantling, e.g. for relocation, can be done in just a few  minutes.

Conferences. Unique in the market.

Versatility – A lighthouse project for every location. At transport hubs, in neighborhoods for residents and commuters, at clinics and universities, etc.

Intelligent bicycle parking facilities

Bicycle box: “Locker for bicycles and accessories”
Digital operation via app with payment system
24/7 operation and service helpline
Flexible quotation and pricing
Evaluations of user behavior
Operation and ‘Service Carefree Package’

Integrated digital future functions
Integration into digital mobility systems
E-bike charging in defined boxes
Sharing a Box with Third-Party Users
Bicycle rental handling incl. the barn
Service processing via the app for rental bikes, bike repair service, parcel deliveries, etc.
Expandability of plant capacity, height/area and relocation