V-Locker bicycle parking garage opened in Mühlacker with 120 bicycle boxes - V-Locker AG

V-Locker bicycle parking garage opened in Mühlacker with 120 bicycle boxes

On July 14, 2023, the city of Mühlacker in Baden-Württemberg opened the automatic, app-operated bicycle parking facility with 120 individual boxes for bicycles / e-bikes and accessories.

The need for safe storage facilities for high-quality bicycles, e-bikes and pedelecs is steadily increasing in the city of Mühlacker. With the newly built bicycle parking garage, many commuters can cycle directly to the train.

The bicycle parking garage, which is fully assembled in the factory thanks to the modular system and then transported to the construction site loaded, was able to start operation after a few months of construction. CEO, Jens Kirchhoff, explains: “The outstanding advantages of the V-Locker system, such as the digital operation via app, the short construction time and the fast assembly time of a few weeks, contributed significantly to the city’s decision in favor of the V-Locker concept.”

The building incorporates another innovation, such as a photovoltaic system integrated into the large, south-facing façade. Due to the low power requirement during the operation of the towers, a large part of the electricity generation can flow into the grid.

The bicycle parking garage is located directly next to the platform and thus offers quick access to the station for the cyclist desired by the cyclist and is also accessed with an illuminated cycle path about 160 meters long and three meters wide.

The city of Mühlacker is convinced that an attractive cycling infrastructure promotes cycling and motivates people to travel longer distances by bike instead of by car. In addition, it is said in the town hall, the system is “clearly placed” and thus also strengthens the subjective feeling of security for the users.