V-Locker wins "EcoDesign Federal Award" – the way to becoming the 2022 winner in the Product category. - V-Locker AG

V-Locker wins “EcoDesign Federal Award” – the way to becoming the 2022 winner in the Product category.

The vision of V-Locker and Meyer Hayoz Design Engineering Group in the development of the system was to make the mobility infrastructure in Europe’s urban habitats intelligent and automated. The perfect modularity, the resource-saving construction and, of course, the increase in comfort for the user convinced not only the jury of the Ecodesign Federal Award.

The path to becoming a prize winner begins with participation in the competition, which can be divided into four phases:

(1) the call for applications,

(2) the preliminary evaluation by the expert committee,

(3) the jury meeting with accompanying exhibition and

(4) the award ceremony at the Federal Environment Ministry.

Deciding which projects will be selected for the German Ecodesign Award is not an easy task given the large number of promising submissions. For this reason, the jury meeting is preceded by a selection process in which the design and ecological quality of the competition entries is examined.

Every production, use and disposal of products is inevitably associated with the consumption of natural resources and thus with environmental pollution. Die Frage kann daher nur lauten, welche Produkte bzw. welches Produktdesign mit einer geringeren Umweltbelastung verbunden ist. Ein wichtiges Ziel des Ökodesigns ist es, Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Systeme so zu gestalten, dass ihre negativen Auswirkungen auf die Umwelt in allen Lebensphasen minimiert werden.

As “simple truths”, the basic principles of eco-design provide guidance as to which requirements an environmentally friendly product should meet and which aspects must be taken into account in the environmentally friendly orientation of the design.

The principles include:



material efficiency,

energy efficiency,

the avoidance of problematic substances in the product,

the use of renewable raw materials and the recyclability of the product.Further information: