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Now go full loose with the V-Locker app

Experience your city in a new way with V-Locker! With the V-Locker app, you too can become part of climate-friendly urban mobility. An individual parking space for your bike not only guarantees safety and comfort, but also promotes flexibility in public transport.  

Download the app, find an available V-Locker near you and book your box. Open the doors of the tower and park your bike – all with an app. The costs are charged directly via the app when you check out. V-Locker also offers other services such as repair services to help you with your mobility. 

V-Locker puts an end to the headaches of keeping your bike or e-bike safe. With our Smart Bike Parking System, all your valuables are always protected from theft, vandalism and bad weather. So when you arrive, you can relax and get back to pedalling. 

Download the app and be part of a greener & healthier future! 

What V-Locker offers
  • Secure and efficient storage for your bike or e-bike 
  • Use as a locker for your personal valuables 
  • A smooth change of means of transport when changing from bike to bus or train to guarantee an uncomplicated journey 
  • Simplifies the daily commute between work and home 
  • A climate-friendly alternative to bicycle cellars, as there is no need for civil engineering work  
  • Avoiding traffic congestion or the lack of parking facilities 
  • Convenient use of all offers via an app 
  • Your personal key to carefree mobility 

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