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Become one of the first users

The time has come, the V-Locker bike tower at the station Münchenbuchsee opens its doors.Become one of the first users now and register as a test person.

The first V-Locker on public grounds is ready for test operation. Register now to use the bike parking tower at Münchenbuchsee station free of charge until 30.03.2021. In test mode, a total of 12 boxes are available to park your bike safely and securely. Please note that your registration is not a guarantee that we will be able to provide you with a bike box. By participating, you do not enter into any obligation to rent a box after the end of the test run. In addition, your personal data such as surname, first name and e-mail address will be deleted after the test phase.

Act now, register and make the easy switch to (V)locker!
Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and V-Locker AG check all registrations and contact you to inform you about the next step.