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Smart Park Grid

Currently, a big change is taking place. But so that no one has to look for their bike in the chaos around train stations and in public places and everyone can protect their bike from vandalism, a modern infrastructure is needed. Like us humans, the V-Locker only unfolds its full potential when it networks with […]


Cooperation and investment

Urban mobility and lifestyle in the future smart cities are changing faster than ever. An innovative group of companies under Beat Odinga had been tackling this topic for some time. It is obvious that there are many synergies with V-Locker AG. At the beginning of the year, we were able to decide on a comprehensive […]


A tower with reach

V-Locker folgt keinem Trend, sondern den Anforderungen an eine zukunftsorientierte Mobilität im urbanen Raum. E-Bikes verändern die Dynamik, denn die Reichweite eines Velopendlers wächst von 3 km auf bis zu 20 km. In urbanen Zonen erweitern sich somit die Einzugsgebiete um Verkehrsknotenpunkte wie Stadtzentren um bis zu Faktor 45 – oder in Flächen ausgedrückt von […]